How Old do You Think this Woman Is?

This former actress decided she would never allow her looks to fade and be left with a ‘face for radio.’ The mother of one from Salisbury in Wiltshire has spent £40,000 over 28 years on keeping her youthful looks and figure.

75, but she has had quite a bit of help…

She has spoken of her fears for the future: ‘My worst nightmare would be getting “turkey neck”.

‘If I was 100 I would have that done – I think it’s hideous.’

For some the idea of having liposuction might make them faint but not Ms Bedford: ‘I just love it when the surgery is over and there’s 3lbs of Katy left on the table.’

There is one negative she has found due to her cosmetically enhanced figure, no one helps her with her luggage at train stations thinking she is much younger than her years.

The ex-actress spoke of her looks: ‘People think people who have been under the knife look plastic and stretched, I’m quite the opposite.’



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