Weirton Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Weirton

651 Colliers Way, Suite 201, Weirton, West Virginia, 26062

Provides: Face Procedures, Upper Body Procedures, Lower Body Procedures

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery at the Weirton Medical Center offers the tri-state region a high level of quality surgical procedures and advanced techniques.Dr. Craig R. Oser is a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He brings to the Weirton Medical Center an unparalleled level of expertise that uniquely qualifies him to perform a variety of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Procedures. His mission to you is to achieve natural, long-lasting results for your face and body, and to help you attain the confidence you deserve from your new appearance, whether it’s due to a subtle change or a more dramatic one. When possible, Dr. Oser uses the latest, minimally invasive techniques and instruments that allow for smaller incisions and quicker recovery. Dr. Oser and his team also provide patient counseling, guidance and post-surgical care to ensure a successful outcome.

For the body and the spirit.

Contact Weirton Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Weirton on phone (304)740-5026

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Weirton Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Weirton, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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