Skagit Plastic Surgery Clinic, Mount Vernon

1415 E, Kincaid, Mount Vernon, Washington 98273

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Facial Procedures, Hand Surgery, Injectables

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery refers to a variety of highly specialized operations performed to repair or restore function or to improve appearance.Some patients wants to enhance their appearance or to look more youthful. Others require surgical intervention to reconstruct abnormal or defective structures in order to improve function or appearance. Skagit Plastic Surgery Clinic is pleased to offer patients Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. James Edwards is committed to providing the highest level of care he can, using the latest techniques, while assuring patients are well cared for, feel informed and safe. He wants every patient to be part of their surgical care inculding participating in the decision-making process

Therefore, whether you are considering Cosmetic or Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, you can be reassured knowing that you will have a highly trained physician and compassionate staff caring for you.

Contact Skagit Plastic Surgery Clinic, Mount Vernon on phone (360)424-4111

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