Maher Anous Plastic Surgery Clinic, Kirkland

10117 N.E. 58th Street, Suite 1, Kirkland, Washington 98033

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Face Procedures, Medical Spa

Dr. Anous is a Seattle plastic surgeon dedicated to providing excellent cosmetic results. Many Seattle plastic surgery patients have visited his offices for enhancements to their face and body. He is double board-certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons Surgeons. Since January of 2002, he has limited his practice to Esthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery of the entire Body. This decision was based on his desire to help not only Seattle plastic surgery patients, but also the many patients who travel to his offices from across the country.

Dr. Anous understands plastic surgery patients can be apprehensive about locating a facility for their cosmetic needs. He offers Safety, Professionalism and a Pleasant Experience

Safety involves the surgeon, the personnel and the premises. Dr. Anous’s personnel is highly trained and up-to-date with CME’s and safety requirements. Expect your views to be challenged as the best service we can offer you is an in-depth understanding of your motivations and a pallette of options for you to choose from towards your goal.

As for the operating rooms, they are certified by the national bodies overseeing outpatient facilities. We have passed the yearly inspections and have maintained the upper echelon of certification. Basically, this means that as far as equipment, medications and training are concerned, the operating rooms (on -paper) are at the level of general and specialized hospitals.  In fact, the operating rooms are safer because we do not deal with high-risk patients (a source of infection and complications) and we provide one-on-one care (hence no potential for error or confusion about who is having what done).

If you choose us, we will be honored.

Contact Maher Anous Plastic Surgery Clinic, Kirkland on phone: (425)576-8120

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