Avalon Plastic Surgery Clinic, Lakewood

6103 Mt. Tacoma Drive SW, Lakewood, Washington 98499

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Male Breast Procedures, Skin Care

In the past, Cosmetic Surgery was only for the rich and famous, it was performed in expensive hospitals, in large cities and was considered vain and was not talked about.Women who had persistent, post-pregnancy induced body changes were told to accept it and live with it. They felt hopeless and powerless. The dogma was to exercise and diet and those changes would go away.

It wasn’t until Cosmetic Surgery became mainstream, affordable, acceptable and freely talked about that women learned to take care of themselves as well as their families. Women could finally let go of the guilt and make a decision to renew and revitalize themselves.

At The Avalon Plastic Surgery Clinic most of our patients are women between the ages of 20 and 55, but some of our patients are as young as 18, or are as old as 65. Eighty five percent of our patients are mothers, living in the South Sound Region. Most have experienced body changes. Many of these women feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with some aspect of their physical appearance. They often know what they want, yet they need expert advice.

Therefore, experience the Number One personalized discovery process: a journey to explore possibilities, discuss what works for you and reach your potential at The Avalon Plastic Surgery Clinic .

Our dream is to change lives and build confidence through Cosmetic Surgery.

Contact Avalon Plastic Surgery Clinic, Lakewood on phone (253) 512-4205

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