Rutland Skin Center, Rutland

3 Mahoney Avenue, Rutland, Vermont 05701

Provides: Injectables, Dermal Fillers, Photo Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Laser Services, Reconstructive Surgery

It is only natural to want to look our best. Combing or brushing our hair, shaving, waxing, and wearing makeup are some of the ways we make ourselves presentable each day. As we get older we start to loose that youthful glow.However, we are fortunate that its getting easier than ever to slow the skin’s aging process and even restore what has already been lost, without having to resort to drastic measures. The Rutland Skin Center offers Cosmetic, Medical, and Surgical Services for diagnosing and treating a full spectrum of Skin, Nail and Hair Disorders. You have a choice of two providers, Dr. Daniel P. McCauliffe (Board Certified Dermatologist) and Nurse Practitioner Kerry Lane.

Dr. McCauliffe strives to stay informed of new and developing Treatments that help improve the skins appearance. He is very selective in choosing which Cosmetic Services to offer at the Rutland Skin Center. He believes in offering those Treatments that pose little risk but produce great satisfaction for his patients. Cosmetic Treatments that offer lots of hype, but little evidence that they actually do anything, and those that pose significant risks to his patients, are not offered. As technologies advance and new methods are developed, Dr. McCauliffe and the dedicated Rutland Skin Center Staff will continue to offer new Treatments that meet these safety and high patient satisfaction criteria.

It has never been easier to maintain and restore that healthy looking glow!

Contact Rutland Skin Center, Rutland on phone (802)773-3553

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