MD Cosmetic Laser and Botox Center, Williston

120 Zephyr Road (behind Guys Farm and Yard), Williston, Vermont 05495

Provides: Laser Treatments, Facial Treatments, Bleachbright Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Treatments, Permanent Makeup

We believe in making high quality Skin Care accessible to everyone, which is why we ensure all treatments are carried out safely using only the latest technology and methods.Our highly trained skincare specialists have the knowledge and years of experience in laser, anti-aging and injectable technology to make your skin look younger, smoother and more beautiful. We use a diagnostic approach to your skin issues and initiate a treatment plan that is individualized to you. We use only the latest technology that has research proven results.

MD Cosmetics offers a variety of Cosmetic Procedures performed by Dr. Leena Anderson, who has specialized in Cosmetic Procedures since 2007. We offer a variety of Skin Peels that will refresh your look by revealing more luminous skin. Unlike a regular day spa Facial, our medically enhanced Facials provide benefits such as hydration, enzyme exfoliation, and deep pore cleansing. Then, if you are looking for a comfortable, effective way to remove unwanted facial or body hair, you owe it to yourself to consider Laser Hair Removal. With the latest laser technology at MD Cosmetic Laser & Botox the Procedure has become less painful and requires fewer visits. At MD Cosmetic Laser & Botox, we use an Alexandrite laser (Candela) that has become the “state of the art ” hair removal laser. It removes hair with less discomfort and more reliability than other methods of hair removal. And finally, the dream of having perfectly designed eyebrows, gorgeously defined eyes and lip color that lasts has come true. This procedure allows busy people to look their best at all times, while enhancing the beauty of those who desire more than what Mother Nature gave them.

We strive to provide an environment in which patients feel comfortable and confident with a high level of care and results.

Contact MD Cosmetic Laser and Botox Center, Williston on phone (802)878-1236

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