Vasdev Rai Cosmetic Surgical Center, Dallas

7777 Forest Lane, Suite C-612, Dallas, Texas 75230

Provides: Female Procedures, Male Procedures

Welcome to the Vasdev Rai Cosmetic Surgical Center, Dallas.Dr. Rai is one of the area’s most highly-trained cosmetic surgeons, but his reputation rests not only on his training and his knowledge of the science of Cosmetic Surgery, which he strives to keep constantly up to date.  Dr. Rai also approaches the human body as a work of art, and as a unified whole, and he promises that when you are in his care, you are never reduced to just one body part or one procedure. Instead, you always remain a whole person, who deserves great results that make you look and feel better than ever.

Therefore,  whatever cosmetic procedure you choose, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Rai specializes in Cosmetic Surgery (including Breast Augmentation and Facelifts) as well as Ultrasonic Liposuction because he believes that these more advanced procedures help his patients achieve the exceptional results they desire with a minimum of scarring and disruption of healthy tissue while allowing for faster recoveries and a more natural appearance. And even though many of the same procedures performed on women can be performed on men, the goal of surgery may differ dramatically. This is particularly true when it comes to Body Contouring, since men tend to develop fat deposits in different parts of their bodies. Dr. Rai keeps these goals in mind when advising you on the best procedure to meet your goals – he believes in dealing with you openly and honestly, because he knows your new look is an important part of feeling great about yourself. So you’ll only get the kind of treatment recommendations that will accomplish your image-enhancing goals safely and beautifully.

At the Cosmetic Surgical Center, our mission is to provide you with the best possible results from your procedure, and to do it safely, conveniently, and affordably. We believe in treating every patient with honesty, respect, and care. From the moment you enter our practice to your last follow-up visit, we will take care of you.

Contact Vasdev Rai Cosmetic Surgical Center, Dallas on phone (972)392-3511

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