The LipoSurgery Clinic, San Antonio

14855 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Provides: Face Procedures, Body Procedures

The LipoSurgery Clinic is devoted exclusively to helping women achieve their personal appearance goals.Choosing the right cosmetic physician is the most important decision you need to make. As a woman, Dr. Finder understands that in addition to considering the doctor’s experience, achieving natural looking results, the amount of downtime required and having affordable costs are other factors to consider as well. The experience level of your liposurgeon is key when deciding whether to have Liposurgery. Dr. Finder has performed over 5,000 Liposurgeries in her career, making her one of the most experienced Tumescent anesthesia liposurgeons in South Texas. In addition, she is the only physician who combines SlimLipo Laser and Body Jet Water assisted Liposurgery. As well as performing Liposuction, as a board-certified dermatologist specializing in Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr. Finder offers Cosmetic Facial Services. She personally performs all surgical procedures at The LipoSurgery Clinic.  Because she uses the tumescent method with local anesthesia, there are no anesthesiologist fees or operating room expenses.  This can save thousands of dollars, and eliminates the risks associated with general anesthesia.

So let’s talk—woman to woman. Contact The LipoSurgery Clinic, San Antonio on phone (210)492-3200

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