Vivaz Medical Spa, Sioux Falls

5019 South Western Avenue, Suite 130, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108

Provides: Acne Treatment, Age Spots, Exfoliation, Wrinkle Removal, Moisture Repair, Hyperpigmentation, Loose Skin, Oily Skin, Rosacea, Visible Veins, Unwanted Hair, Thin Lips, Sun Damages, Massage, Sore Muscles

Vivaz Medical Spa offers a fresh approach for men and women of all ages, who seek tangible results for optimum skin care.Vivaz offers innovative Skincare Treatments and Products backed by science and research. The Medical Spa is supported by the strength and expertise of Sanford Health and its team of physicians. The health system, known and recognized for the highest quality of care, safety and evidence-based medicine, provides this clinical approach to treatments at Vivaz Medical Spa.

Treatment plans at Vivaz begin with a scientific skin analysis using digital technology. All Clinical Treatments, Medical grade Cosmeceuticals, and Facial Therapies are prescribed based on your individual skin analysis. Our unique approach allows each treatment to be customized to improve your skin health and appearance.

Refresh your skin with Vivaz Medical Spa.

Contact Vivaz Medical Spa, Sioux Falls on phone (605)328-9770

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