Ram Kalus Plastic Surgery Clinic, Mount Pleasant

578 Lone Tree Drive, Suite 102, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

Provides: Face Procedures, Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Male Procedures, Non Surgical Skin Care

Ram Kalus Plastic Surgery Clinic can help you satisfy desires with a wide array of Plastic Surgery Options.Dr. Ram Kalus is a board certified plastic surgeon whose reputation and expertise in Plastic Surgery are well known throughout the region. He performs state-of-the-art surgical procedures with the highest level of precision to achieve superior results and an un-operated and totally natural appearance. This is as true for Breast Augmentation with Implants, Liposuction, or Facelift Surgery as it is Reconstructive Surgery such as Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy or Lumpectomy, Facial Reconstruction following Skin Cancer Removal, Correction of Birth Defects, or Trauma. Whatever your plastic surgery needs, you will be treated with respect and compassion. Dr. Kalus strongly believes that his patients deserve his utmost attention and time. That is why he has always phoned his patients personally after their surgery to ensure that their recovery is progressing well. He leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the likelihood of a successful outcome while maximizing patient safety and minimizing risk.

Contact Ram Kalus Plastic Surgery Clinic, Mount Pleasant on phone (843)881-3881

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