Peter Haines Plastic Surgery Clinic, Columbia

7033 St. Andrews Road, Suite 204, Columbia, South Carolina 29212

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Facial Procedures, Skin Care Treatments, Skin Care Products

Welcome to the Center for Plastic Surgery in Columbia, South Carolina.There is an art to performing plastic surgery, and in 1986 Dr. Peter C. Haines brought his artistic skills to Columbia, where he has applied his extensive knowledge. Dr. Haines’ compassion, concern and sensitivity coupled with his extensive experience assures his patients the highest level of trust and confidence from the way he communicates with his patients from the initial visit, through surgery and throughout the post-operative period.

Each year almost a million men and women choose Plastic Surgery to change the way they look. The Center for Plastic Surgery offers a variety of Cosmetic Procedures for men and women to enhance their appearance. We have Reconstructive Surgeries available for those who have experienced other medical procedures or conditions that left scarring, or caused other problems with their outer appearance. At the Center for Plastic Surgery we understand the emotional stress that can arise from losing a breast, facial scars, and cleft lips in children. We want to help build your confidence with Reconstruction Surgeries that are specific to your needs. Each procedure is completed with compassion and precision. In addition, at Skincare at the Center for Plastic Surgery we treat all skin types, from the teen dealing with the acne, the bride wanting to look perfect for her special day, or the woman dealing with changes in her skin caused by age, environment and hormones. We have a skin care solution for everyone!

We would be happy to consult with you about your surgical options and answer all of your questions about plastic surgery.

Contact Peter Haines Plastic Surgery Clinic, Columbia on phone (803)732-5788

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