The Polacek Plastic Surgery Clinic, Johnston

1524 Atwood Avenue, Suite 343, Johnston, Rhode Island 02919

Provides: Face Procedures, Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures, Skin Care

At the Polacek Plastic Surgery Clinic you will find a rare combination of exceptional patient care from our highly trained staff, surgical skill from our nationally recognized plastic surgeon, and a variety of Procedures, Treatments and Therapies.When you are looking for a Rhode Island plastic surgeon, you want someone whose credentials, experience, and personality inspire your confidence and put you at ease.

Innumerable patients have found just that in Dr. Lori Polacek. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Polacek has a level of training that is above and beyond many cosmetic surgeons or practitioners of “aesthetic medicine.” She is experienced in both innovative and established techniques for achieving optimal results, while still maintaining safety and comfort for her patients.

In addition to her long list of accomplishments and outstanding credentials, Dr. Polacek takes the time to get to know each of her patients. She will listen intently to your goals and concerns to find out how she can help you to look and feel your best. She believes a person’s self esteem is integral to their sense of well-being. If she can improve that person’s self esteem through Surgery or Cosmetic Procedures, then she has achieved her goal as a cosmetic surgeon. As a female plastic surgeon, she brings compassion and an eye for detail to you, the patient.

In order to meet the cosmetic needs of a wide range of men and women, the Polacek Plastic Surgery Clinic offers both Surgical and Nonsurgical Cosmetic Options. Because we offer a wide range of Surgical, Nonsurgical, and Skin Care Options all under one roof, we can customize a treatment plan that meets your unique needs and achieves optimal results.

We believe that patient safety takes priority over all else, so we have made the deliberate choice to perform all of our Surgical Procedures in a hospital setting. Hospitals are fully-staffed and equipped to handle any unforeseen emergency or complication and, although such situations are extremely rare, our patients have the comfort of knowing that we put their health and safety first.

At our practice, we understand that Cosmetic Surgery isn’t just about how you look, it’s also about how you feel. We strive to help you feel comfortable, confident, and valued at every step of your cosmetic journey.

Contact The Polacek Plastic Surgery Clinic, Johnston on phone (401) 331-0202

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