Richard Zienowicz Plastic Surgery Clinic, Providence

2 Dudley Street, Suite 380, Providence, Rhode Island 02905

Provides: Face Procedures, Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

Dr. Zienowicz has earned a reputation throughout Rhode Island for beautiful results. One of his greatest joys in life is restoring patient’s self image.He is a naturally gifted surgeon, using the finest equipment and procedures, but it’s his rare training that makes the most beautiful difference – his superb training includes acquiring an education from respected Brown and Harvard Universities, and he has been named “Best Plastic Surgeon in Rhode Island” for the past two years.

This lifelong commitment to training is reflected in his sense of aesthetics and proportion, and in his mastery of the subtle nuances of the surgical art. It’s appreciated by his own colleagues, who often refer difficult cases to him, not to mention their very own family members.

Yet the people who truly cherish Dr. Zienowicz’ mastery are the patients he’s helped. You see it reflected in their increased vitality, youthfulness, confidence, happiness. They see it reflected even more vividly . . . in their mirrors.

In the time spent with Dr. Zienowicz during your consultation you will discuss your concerns as he examines the areas you want to address. You will also meet several of his staff members who are legitimately some of the finest health care professionals you will ever come to know, and who seems to radiate warmth, without even trying. This rare gift is one reason many new patients become lifelong friends.

It’s time you visited Dr. Zienowicz’ office . . .

Contact Richard Zienowicz Plastic Surgery Clinic, Providence on phone (401)453-0120

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