Radiance Plastic Surgery of Bridgeville and McKees Rocks

701 Boyce Road at Washington Pike, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania 15017 27 Heckel Road, Suite 206, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania 15136

Provides: Face Procedures, Body Procedures, Breast Procedures, Skin Procedures, Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic surgery

Welcome to Radiance Plastic Surgery at Radiance – A Private Outpatient Surgery Center

We’ve spent the past fifteen years and 3 million dollars to bring YOU to this threshold – the beginning of your journey to radiant beauty, ever-increasing good health, and the kind of boundless energy that comes from self-confidence and happiness. Welcome to the world of Dr. Cherup’s plastic surgery and what it offers. Our receptionist Sandy will greet you in the reception room and make sure you are refreshed at our snack bar and have a good magazine to read before you see Dr. Cherup.

During your consultation with Dr. Cherup, she has many goals. She wants to know who your loved ones are, and how you contribute to this world through your job, activities or children. She will ask you many pointed questions as she reviews your medical history and medications. Are you healthy enough for us to consider any plastic surgery? She will examine you carefully, in private, while you are clad in a comfortable terry robe and panties. One of the most important parts of your talk will involve informing you of the specific risks of your surgery. In general, the healthier you are, the risks are minimized. Given her vast medical knowledge and experience, she will then formulate a plan for surgery that will address your perceived problem but may also be more inclusive then you thought possible.

With the use of our Mirror digital archive, we will show you before and after photos of the hundreds (really thousands) of previous patients that have undergone procedures similar to those you and Dr. Cherup are contemplating. By showing you patients who are very physically similar to you, you will be able to visualize the kind of surgical result Dr. Cherup will be able to deliver for you.

On your second, no-charge, confirming visit to our center, Dr. Cherup will answer any remaining questions, go over the surgical plan, perform a pre-op history and physical, and take photos. Our patient care coordinator Kathy O’Connor will orchestrate your surgical process from start to finish. You will spend 20 minutes with her reviewing your consent and pre-operative instructions. Over the next few weeks we will review your lab results and EKG in preparation for the big day when we will see you at your surgery. You are almost there!!!

Dr. Cherup performs Reconstructive and Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery on patients in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but she specializes in Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery. She has  personally undergone a few of the cosmetic surgery operations she commonly performs. Not only as a plastic surgeon, but also as a plastic surgery patient, she understands when a person says “I don’t deserve to have these breasts on my body.” Dr. Cherup wants to help that person feel unified again. She is willing to do anything for a patient that is medically sound and surgically feasible, as long as they can demonstrate that they are capable of doing everything for their health and for themselves. Dr. Cherup asks for a bit of stoicism, and simply the desire to heal and get strong again. All pain- if there are no medical complications- goes away. Discomfort is expected and tolerable, if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Radiance Surgery Center is a center for excellence in serving all of your aesthetic care needs. Dr. Cherup will take your dreams and expectations for your face and body contour and deliver to you a planned package to elevate and maintain your new image, with the ultimate goal of a long, healthy life

Contact Radiance Plastic Surgery of Bridgeville and McKees Rocks on phone (866) 660-0017

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