Sonobello Plastic Surgery Clinic, Portland

1750 SW Harbor Way, Suite 100, Portland, Oregon 97201

Provides: Body procedures, Laser Procedures

Sono Bello is the first name in Portland liposuction. It was created with the knowledge that it takes experience and focus to be the best at anything.Our highly trained physicians have performed over 17,000 procedures to date – they perform more than a hundred Micro Laser Liposuction Procedures each month. And since, Body Contouring, like all Cosmetic Procedures is a combination of skill and artistry with every individual requiring a very personalized approach, our surgeons tailor your procedure to you, your unique needs, and your personal desires, helping you achieve your specific beauty goals.

Therefore when it comes to your body you should be confident that you are in the most qualified hands to deliver the care and results you desire.  This is why Sono Bello specializes exclusively in awake, Laser Assisted Body Contouring using our unique TriSculpt process.

We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the body reshaping results you have always wanted.

Contact Sonobello Plastic Surgery Clinic, Portland on phone (971)269-2696

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