Leonard Plastic Surgery Clinic, Salem

700 Bellevue Street, Suite 280, Salem, Oregon 97301

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Face Procedures, Reconstructive Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

Leonard Plastic Surgery Clinic is dedicated to providing the optimal patient experience with the utmost confidentiality.Dr. Dann Leonard offers both Surgical and Non Surgical Procedures to revitalize and tone many areas of your body, breasts and face. For women who feel their breasts are undersized, he offers Breast Augmentation. Patients who feel the appearance of their breasts has deteriorated over time may choose a Breast Lift, or even Breast Reduction to lift and tone the breasts. After weight loss, you may wish to rid your lower or mid-body of loose skin and excess fat. A Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift or even Liposuction can give your body a more taut look. Signs of aging on the face can be dramatically reversed with a lower Facelift or Eyelid Surgery. For those not ready to undergo Surgery, Injectable Treatments like Botox and Injectable Fillers can remove wrinkles. Additional Non-Surgical Treatments like Microdermabrasion and Laser Resurfacing can improve the health and beauty of your skin. In addition to Cosmetic Improvements, Dr. Leonard also performs Reconstructive Surgeries that are only offered by plastic surgeons. These range from Breast Reconstruction to Treatment of Skin Cancer. During each consultation, Dr. Leonard and his staff will provide you with thorough, personalized information to help you understand all the details of procedures you are interested in, and customize the chosen surgery to meet those needs.

We look forward to serving you. Contact Leonard Plastic Surgery Clinic, Salem on phone (503)391-2760

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