Warren Plastic Surgery Clinic, Tulsa

6465 South Yale Avenue, Suite 811, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Face Procedures, Skin Care Treatments, Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Warren Plastic Surgery Clinic is a comprehensive adult and pediatric plastic surgery center lead by Dr. Kevin P. Kunkel.Whether the surgery is cosmetic or reconstructive, adult or pediatric, a board certified plastic surgeron, Dr. Kunkel and his staff have the expertise and tools needed to help clients look and feel their best.

Dr. Kunkel believes the most important part of the patient visit is where he listens and he is dedicated to addressing all questions and concerns from pre-op to post-op. Patient education is very important and Dr. Kunkel is dedicated to providing information in terms that clients can understand as well as to educate them on the topics for which they are seeking council. Regardless of the procedure, Dr. Kunkel is with his patients every step of the way from performing Botox injections to removing stitches. He also encourages clients to obtain a second opinion from another board certified plastic surgeon so that they are confident in their choice.

Should you have any questions or need further information contact Warren Plastic Surgery Clinic, Tulsa on phone (918)502-7175

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