Sean Freeman Plastic Surgery Clinic, Charlotte

11220 Elm Lane, Suite 101, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Provides: Surgical Facial Procedures, Non Surgical Facial Procedures

Dr. M. Sean Freeman, a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1988, is one of the few double board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons who specialize in Facial Aesthetic Surgery throughout the Southeast.His inquisitive nature, specialization in Facial Plastic Surgery, and experience allow him to continue to contribute to the knowledge in his chosen field.

The goal of Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures performed by Dr. Freeman is to provide a beautiful, naturally rejuvenated appearance without making a patient look “worked-on.” Whether you want to recapture the smooth skin and volume of your youth or improve the balance of your features for a more attractive look, Dr. Freeman has the experience to tailor a treatment plan specifically for your needs, the skill to achieve the results you want, and his modern approach and innovations within the field of facial plastic surgery enable him to consistently provide his patients with naturally beautiful results with as little downtime as possible. Dr. Freeman also has more experience than many other facial cosmetic surgeons in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area when it comes to administering Non Surgical Treatments. He skillfully treats Spider Veins, Brown Spots, Unwanted Tattoos or Fine Lines and Wrinkles with medical strength Lasers.

In choosing Dr. Freeman for your facial aesthetic surgery, you can be sure you are choosing a surgeon who will select a safe, modern approach to reaching your goals.

Contact Sean Freeman Plastic Surgery Clinic, Charlotte on phone (704)543-1110

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