Jennifer Levine Plastic Surgery Clinic, New York

240 East 79th Street, New York, New York 10021

Provides: Face Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

Dr. Jennifer Levine is one of only a handful of female plastic surgeons in New York City.Dr. Levine knows the face inside and out—she is board certified in both facial cosmetic surgery and ear nose and throat surgery. Whether sculpting a nose or defining a jawline, Dr Levine favors changes that provide structural support to combat the effects of gravity and volume loss that come with aging. She specializes in Rhinoplasty, Face and Neck Lift Surgery and Blepharoplasty. When performing a Procedure, she wants her patients to feel confident about their appearance and themselves, and not to feel self-conscious about having work done – most of her patients are active, working individuals who do not want their procedures to be noticed, or interfere with their lifestyle. She strives for maximum results with minimal down time.

Contact Jennifer Levine Plastic Surgery Clinic, New York (212)517-9400, and we will help you reach and maintain your aesthetic goals.

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