David Chiu Plastic Surgery Clinic, New York

900 Park Ave, New York, New York 10075

Provides: Microsurgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Hand Surgery, Facial Procedures, Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

What makes Dr. David Chiu a standout among his peers is his training and excellence throughout his career, the surgical services he provides to patients from all over the world, and details to help you prepare before becoming a patient.Dr. David Chiu is an internationally-sought surgeon with a long and distinguished career.   Over the course of the more than 30 years that Dr. Chiu has spent in medicine, he has earned an international reputation for excellence. An innovator in Plastic Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery and an expert in Reconstructive and Microsurgery, Dr. Chiu has worked to expand what modern medicine is capable of achieving.  He specializes in Rhinoplasty, Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Lift, Microsurgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery,and  Hand Surgery.

For more information on specific services he provides, contact David Chiu Plastic Surgery Clinic, New York on phone (212)879-8880

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