Glasgold Plastic Surgery Clinic, Highland Park

31 River Road, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904

Provides: Facial Procedures, Non Surgical Face Procedures, Natural Breast Augmentation

Whether you are seeking Cosmetic Surgery or Non Surgical Options, premier facial plastic surgery practice, Glasgold Plastic Surgery Clinic, provides superior expertise to enable you to enjoy aesthetic results that are durable and natural looking.All Glasgold’s facial plastic surgeons are double board certified. Dr. Robert Glasgold specializes in all aspects of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery. Highly skilled in Rhinoplasty, his surgical talents also extend to total Facial Rejuvenation, including Facelifts, Chin Implants, Blepharoplasties, and Fat Transfers. In the office setting, his use of cosmetic injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane, Botox and Sculptra redefine the aging face. Dr. Mark Glasgold devotes his practice to the rejuvenation of the aging face. He specializes in Facelifts, Eyelid Surgery, Fat Transfer and Total Facial Rejuvenation. He is now applying his fat transfer skills to Natural Breast Augmentation. Dr. Alvin Glasgold is a world-renowned expert in Rhinoplasty, who also has a distinguished record of patient satisfaction in Chin Implants and Lip Augmentation. Their goal is to produce the most natural and enduring results without the “done” look that often characterizes some of the most common procedures. They set high standards for the care and results they deliver so that your expectations are met or exceeded. They pride themselves in achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction by applying our approach to evaluating and treating each patient’s distinctive situation.

The Glasgold Plastic Surgery Clinic welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions about Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures. Contact Glasgold Plastic Surgery Clinic, Highland Park on phone (732)846-6540.

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