Bruce Topol Plastic Surgery Clinic, Manchester

36 Bay Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03104

Provides: Breast Procedures, Facial Procedures, Body Contouring Procedures, Reconstructive Procedures, Injectables

The single most important aspect of our office-one that patients routinely comment on-is our concern for you as a person and as a patient before during and after treatment.Dr. Bruce Topol personally follows all patients after Treatment and change all dressings and remove all stitches himself. Dr. Topol and his staff work hard to be available to the patients at all times-not just during office hours – he wants to be available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week. If there is a concern or problem, he will speak to you and if you need to be seen, he sees you rather than have a nurse or staff member do this. This level of personal care and commitment distinguishes our office and is the source of the reputation we have built in this state and surrounding region.

Dr. Topol also prides himself on offering absolute state-of-the-art care and therefore continues to learn what is done around the world to bring these Treatments here for you-only after he is certain the given treatment is safe and effective.

Patient safety, optimal results and dedicated caring are our priorities.

Contact Bruce Topol Plastic Surgery Clinic, Manchester on phone (603)622-0900

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