Lifestyle Lift Plastic Surgery Clinic, Las Vegas

14411 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Ste 180, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

Provides: Face Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

With more than 100,000 satisfied Lifestyle Lift patients, we are America’s trusted expert for a younger-looking face.All of our doctors are highly qualified and intensively trained. Their education and training credentials include institutions like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Duke, and the Mayo Clinic. Besides a thorough training in the subspecialty area of Facial and Neck Procedures, our doctors are able to take advantage of a vast network of colleagues’ experiences. They’re also able to learn from the expertise of three Regional Medical Directors as well as the founder of Lifestyle Lift, Dr. David Kent.

Our exclusive focus is on your face, eyes and neck. Our surgeons are vastly experienced facial and neck specialists who perform more of these Procedures in a year than other doctors do in a lifetime – since 2001, our doctors have performed more than 250,000 unique Facial Procedures on more than 100,000 patients while maintaining an exceptionally low complication rate. However, beyond each highly qualified and intensively trained doctor is an office of trained professionals whose goal is to deliver world-class experiences to patients every day. That means you’re in the best of hands, through every step of your transformation. Your welfare, satisfaction and safety are of the utmost importance!

Do It For Youself – Contact Lifestyle Lift Plastic Surgery Clinic, Las Vegas on phone (877)552-0313

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