Joseph Barnthouse Plastic Surgery Clinic, Kansas City

1010 Carondelet Drive, Suite 401, Kansas City, Missouri 64114

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Contouring, Face Procedures, Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Care

More than any other medical specialty, Plastic Surgery truly requires a blending of the art and science of medicine. By reconstructing or recreating physical appearance, we can provide an enhanced sense of beauty and a new self-confidence in the lives of our patients.Because of his extensive surgical training, Dr. Barnthouse, a board certified plastic surgeon, is uniquely qualified as a specialist in Plastic Surgery. He is one of the elite few physicians with additional training specializing in Cosmetic and Breast Surgery, and is known for his talented surgical ability and expertise in handling difficult cases. He is also dedicated to patient counseling and education, and has a warm “bedside manner” and takes the time to fully explain your options and procedures – every visit is with Dr. Barnthouse, as he is involved in every step of the process

If you have thought, even casually, about improving your appearance contact Joseph Barnthouse Plastic Surgery Clinic, Kansas City on phone (816)943-8004.

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