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Provides: Face Procedures, Reconstructive Surgery, Non Surgical Procedures, Dermal Fillers

No one “needs” Cosmetic Surgery, but an improved appearance often boosts the self-esteem and frequently one’s confidence in interacting with others. First of all, if you are happy with how you look and how you think others perceive you, you do not need Cosmetic Surgery. Some of us, however, feel that some aspect of our facial appearance distracts from what we and others see. It is when that distraction can be significantly improved that Cosmetic Surgery should be considered.

For those problems that make life above the shoulders a constant challenge, there’s one name to remember: Ent and Facial Plastic Surgery. It provides the highest level of care in specialties ranging from Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions to Cosmetic and Facial Surgical Procedures.

For younger people, it is usually protruding ears, a recessed chin, or a large nose on an otherwise attractive face that can be brought into better harmony with the overall appearance. In older individuals, natural aging is the major factor adversely affecting appearance – as people are living longer and healthier lives, they often want a younger appearance to match the way that they feel. Cosmetic Surgery for aging faces is not only a commonly accepted remedy, it offers a number of options from which people can choose. Eyelid Surgery to remove the excess skin and bags around the eyes is probably the best money spent, as people look one another in the eyes first. Facelifts are necessary for correcting jowls and excess fat and skin under the chin. Laser Surgery or a Chemical Peel) is best for correcting wrinkled skin, especially around the eyes and lips.   Botox Injection is wonderful for forehead frown lines and can literally be done on lunch break.

Ent and Facial Plastic Surgery has helped improve countless lives by helping patients feel better and look better.  We hope we can make a difference in your life, too.

Contact Ent Facial Plastic Surgery, Hattiesburg on phone (601)268-5131

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