Northland Plastic Surgery Clinic, Duluth

1420 London Road, Suite 101, Duluth, Minnesota 55805

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Face Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

The number of people choosing to have Plastic Surgery has soared in recent years. Technological advances have increased the options you can consider. But, you should be informed before you consider any operation.Our staff will make every effort to make your visit to our office a positive experience that is both informative and pleasant. Together with the surgeon, you will be able to share your specific goals and concerns. The doctor will provide you with thorough and honest answers to your questions – he will advise you of his recommendations to help you achieve your personal appearance goals, and with a comfortable and private facility, advanced surgical suites and a dedicated medical staff, your procedure can be faster, less invasive, and more comfortable.

Contact Northland Plastic Surgery Clinic, Duluth on phone (218)728-0650 and Enhance, Improve, Restore.

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