Minneapolis Plastic Surgery Clinic

4825 Olson Memorial Highway (Hwy 55) Suite 200 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422

Provides: Face Procedures, Body Procedures, Breast Procedures, Laser Procedures, Non Surgical Skin Procedures

Founded over 25 years ago, Minneapolis Plastic Surgery Clinic is committed to providing the highest-quality, most advanced cosmetic surgical care

With a strong commitment to personalized patient care, an outstanding staff, and superb on-site surgical facilities, Minneapolis Plastic Surgery Clinic has distinguished itself in the field of plastic surgery. Located in the heart of Minnesota, it continues to be a leader in the five-state’s largest metropolitan area with three accredited in-office operating rooms that allow  patients to undergo outpatient surgery safely and privately in our own facility rather than in a hospital, full outpatient anesthesia services, the first plastic surgery on-site laser, skin and body care clinics offering a wide range of services to complement Minneapolis Plastic Surgery Clinic’s core cosmetic surgery care, and a personal goal to provide the best cosmetic surgery experience possible to each and every patient.

Dr. Richard H. Tholen and Dr. Douglas L. Gervais are fully trained and board-certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery, a comprehensive surgical background that they apply, along with the most up-to-date scientific information available, to their primary expertise in cosmetic surgery. Our certified, experienced, and caring plastic surgeons have helped thousands of people realize their dreams for a new body image. With over 30 years of combined experience performing plastic surgeries of the face, breast, and body our doctors can be counted on to deliver excellent results, regardless of the procedure chosen. Their goal is to always produce natural-looking results rather than a “tight,” unnatural, or operated-on appearance.

Dr. Tholen and Dr. Gervais understand that patients have questions about their surgeries throughout the process. That’s why we give patients personal, individualized, professional attention before, during, and after surgery. Complimentary consultation with one of our surgeons is always available for our patients who are interested in plastic surgery but have questions they would like answered before they make their final decisions. At your initial consultation, you will discuss what you would like to change about your appearance with one of our surgeons, who will then create a prospective treatment plan and identify the unique factors that may affect your surgery. With years of experience in enhancing patients aesthetically, our surgeons are often able to provide recommendations and guidance to ensure the most beautiful possible results. You will also receive a detailed cost analysis, and information about payment or financing options. Post-operative instructions are specific to each procedure and each patient. Our doctors will do everything possible to help you have a comfortable and smooth recovery period. As our doctors say, “Our patients can have complete confidence that they are getting the best care possible. We don’t forget them once the surgery is completed.”

Minneapolis Plastic Surgery Clinic wants to provide our patients with a lasting positive experience that makes them “patients for life,” as well as making us worthy of their recommendation to others

Contact Minneapolis Plastic Surgery Clinic in Minnesota on phone (763) 545-0443

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