Trillium Plastic Surgery Clinic of Okemos and Bloomfield

6750 Orchard, Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, Michigan | 2211 Associations Dr, Suite 100, Okemos, Michigan 488864

Provides: Face Procedures, Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

Your body and your health belong to you. We are here to help when, and if, you need us.Trillium Plastic Surgery Clinic is a surgical practice devoted to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Michigan. Dr. John Sampson is a  board certified plastic surgeon in Lansing Michigan who owns and operates Trillium Plastic Surgery. Since 1997, Trillium has met the needs of patients who are interested in Cosmetic Surgery. Our patients desire the latest, least invasive, safest, “cutting edge” surgical procedures and treatments. Dr. Sampson’s depth and breadth of experience in Breast Implants and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser use makes him uniquely qualified to help you safely and subtly achieve the look you desire – our patients are of all ages, with cosmetic concerns of the eyelids, face, breast, body, and skin. And no matter what your goal, we’re here to carefully help you plan and discuss what options best fit for you body. We cannot, and will not, make unilateral decisions for you concerning your own body and how it is treated. We will always do our best to guide you and participate with you in deciding upon the treatment or surgical option which is best suited to your individual needs, your specific condition, your desires for improvement and your lifestyle. We are committed to serving our patients safely, effectively and affordable, with compassion and professionalism.

Contact Trillium Plastic Surgery Clinic of Okemos and Blomfield on phones

Okemos Ph: (517)381-8900

Bloomfield Ph: (248)757-2511

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