Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Livonia

1990 Haggerty Rd, Ste 103, Livonia, Michigan 48152

Provides: Face Procedures, Cosmetic Fillers, Laser Treatments, Skin Care Treatments, Skin Care Products

Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Livonia is committed to providing a range of Facial Plastics Services from Cosmetic to Reconstructive.The Center is comprised of well trained and experienced surgeons who have specialized expertise in the treatment of the face, head, and neck. Each is board certified and has been active in the study, research and scientific advancement of Facial Plastic Surgery. They are sensitive to your emotional and aesthetic concerns, and provide a friendly atmosphere for our diverse patient population. In addition, you will find some of the most genuine, professional staff at the center. From the first phone call, patients receive prompt, personalized service and the staff will do their best to help you feel comfortable, respected, and cared for.

Contact Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Livonia on phone (800)493-3223

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