MD Laser Medicine and Surgery, Columbia

7120 Minstrel Way, Suite 103, Cascades Professional Center, Columbia, Maryland 21045

Provides: Age Management, Cellulite Reduction, Laser Services, Vein Treatments, Fat Reduction, Non Surgical Procedures, Skin Care Products

Welcome and thank you for choosing MD Laser Medicine and Surgery, a premier cosmetic laser and vein restoration practice specializing in Smartlipo,  Endovenous Laser Ablation and other Minimally Invasive Laser Procedures.To adequately evaluate and treat the different conditions, a laser surgeon has to train and acquire competence in the evaluation and treatment of all the different diseases and conditions amenable to laser treatment. We have this training and competence. Dr. Clement Banda is board certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery in Dermatologic Laser Surgery, the American Board of Phlebology and the American Board of Physician Specialties. He is a specialist in the treatment of several different conditions whose unifying factor is the use of lasers for their treatment. Smartlipo , for example, can be categorized under Cosmetic Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. Endovenous Laser Ablation of Veins, on the other Hand, under Phlebology and Vascular Surgery. We take pride in  the industry-leading training and experience Dr. Banda has amassed to safely and effectively perform the latest Cosmetic Laser and Vein Restoration Procedures on our multi-cultural patients of varying ages, ethnicities and skin types.

Contact MD Laser Medicine and Surgery, Columbia on phone (410)312-5245

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