Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery Clinic, Glenn Dale

12200 Annapolis Road, Suite 123, Glenn Dale, Maryland 20769

Provides: Body Procedures, Injectables, Skin Care Products, Laser Services, Vein Services

Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery Clinic improves the quality of life for men and women, for reversing signs of aging and ultimately for enhancing beauty in all forms.Dr. Kwasi Debra is the Medical Director of Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery Clinic offering Cosmetic Surgery. She specialize in operations for skin care, legs, body and face. Dr. Debra received training in Liposuction and in the use of laser-assisted technologies and devices to perform Minimally Invasive Procedures to help sculpt nearly any area of the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas, including: the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck. In addition, Dr. Debra performs other procedures to help with Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Varicose Vein Treatment using Laser and Radiofrequency, Sclerotherapy of Spider Veins, Anti-Aging, Titan Skin-Tightening, and Vaginal Rejuvenation. Her physical examinations will allow her to evaluate how to properly handle your cosmetic concern. She will then discuss, one on one, a treatment plan that it both convenient and efficient for you.

Contact Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery Clinic, Glenn Dale on phone (301)552-4300 and enhance your beauty.

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