The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and Alexandria

8777 Bluebonnet, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810 | 3600 Jackson St., Suite 109, Alexandria, Louisiana 71303

Provides: Breast Surgery, Body Surgery, Face Surgery, Skin Enhancement

Welcome to the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and Alexandria, where attaining the look you have always desired is well within your reach.The appearance you present to the world has far-reaching implications; not only does it affect how others perceive you, but it can literally change how you feel about yourself. Dr. John Williams understands this, and as one of the preeminent cosmetic surgeons in the world, he works in concert with his patients to give them the look they have always wanted. Much to the benefit of patients throughout the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, Dr. Williams has spent the past three decades building the Aesthetic Surgery Center, Inc., into one of the finest cosmetic medical facilities available.

We know the level of satisfaction we strive for can only be achieved through clear and honest discourse between our patients and Dr. Williams. Our patients find comfort in the trust they develop while working with the renowned and highly touted cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Williams. He offers a level of care and patient satisfaction that can only be achieved through one-on-one, patient-to-doctor dialogue. The communication skills of Dr. Williams cannot be overlooked or undervalued. He sees himself as an artistic surgeon whose goal is to bring the vision of the patient from conception, through maturation, and into reality.

Dr. Williams performs Surgery Procedures at our Aesthetic Surgery Center outpatient surgical facility, where we hold our patients’ privacy paramount. Our entire staff will work to ensure that our patients are comfortable throughout every step of the process: from their initial vision for change, to the maturation of their ideas through patient-doctor dialogue, and to the surgery and recovery process. Our highly professional and experienced staff can answer any questions that arise and we will work diligently to accommodate our patients from the beginning to the final stages of the beautification process. At the Aesthetic Surgery Center, we pride ourselves on employing surgical means to achieve a naturally beautiful end result.

The Aesthetic Surgery Center aims to achieve optimal results while maintaining your comfort.

Contact The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and Alexandria on phones

Baton Rouge Ph: (225)766-1899

Alexandria Ph: (318)445-2342

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The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and Alexandria, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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