Kamran Khoobehi Plastic Surgery Clinic, Metairie

3901 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, Louisiana 70002

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Face Procedures, Skin Treatments

When performed by a plastic surgeon of high caliber and regard, Cosmetic Procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Facelift, and Liposuction can offer safe, beautiful, and natural-looking enhancement.It’s important to carefully and selectively choose a cosmetic surgeon, because the quality of the surgeon is often the most critical factor in determining the patient’s level of satisfaction and the treatment’s overall success. Kamran Khoobehi, M.D. is one of the premiere plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the country, and his consistently excellent results and kindly, approachable manner help instill in his patients the confidence that they are, indeed, in the right hands. He is committed to ensuring that his patients are fully comfortable before, during, and after their plastic surgery, from the process of deciding on a procedure to the completion of their post-operative recovery. To this end, he provides his home phone number so that patients might be able to reach him whenever they need advice, instruction, or a reassuring word.

Therefore, whether you are interested in Non Invasive, “lunch hour” Cosmetic Treatments or extensive Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Khoobehi will use his exceptional technical skills, combined with his finely honed eye for aesthetics, and perform procedures in an accredited, state-of-the-art surgery center that meets all the latest safety standards and features the most advanced technology available to give you the superior results you desire.

We welcome patients from both near and far who desire the beautiful, exquisite results that only a world-class plastic surgeon like Kamran Khoobehi, M.D. is able to achieve.

Contact Kamran Khoobehi Plastic Surgery Clinic, Metairie on phone (504)273-7267

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