Douglas Gossman Plastic Surgery Clinic, Louisville

2302 Hurstbourne Village Drive, Suite 700, Louisville, Kentucky 40299

Provides: Face Procedures, Facial Rejuvenation

The causes of appearance deterioration are aging, environmental damage and inheritance. Douglas Gossman Plastic Surgery Clinic can help.The cosmetic rejuvenation of the face is a rapidly changing endeavor that includes Surgical Methods and an ever-increasing number of Non Surgical Products. Gossman’s Clinic is limited exclusively to disorders of the eyelid region and includes both Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Gossman personally provides each of his valued patients with specialized, individualized care using only the latest plastic surgery techniques and procedures to achieve the most attractive results. Both Dr. Gossman and his staff are committed to giving you the highest quality patient care possible. That’s why when they leave his office, Dr. Gossman’s patients look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Contact Douglas Gossman Plastic Surgery Clinic, Louisville on phone (502)495-2122

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