Steve Harlan Surgery Center, Des Moines

8131 University Blvd, Des Moines, Iowa 50325

Provides: Injectables, Skin Care Treatments, Major Facial Rejuvenation, PhotoDynamic Rejuvenation, Skin Care Products

Practically all dermatologists are talented people gifted with special skills. Some rise through sheer breadth of experience and innovative successful practice to the level of a master dermatologist, and are emulated by other dermatologists. After twenty-seven years of practice, Steve Harlan, M.D., has become widely known in the central United States as Dr. H and is still producing innovations to advance his field.

In addition to the experience and touch of a board certification, Dr. Harlan truly cares about people staying healthy, and looking great. His patients and clients have access to the best cutting edge information to make effective and rewarding decisions.  He truly cares about people understanding better, developing more insight, and being more excited about health and well being.  He wants people to know as much as possible about their skin and how to care for it and enhance it by providing a variety of educational resources and information.
Let Dr. Harlan use skill and experience to put your features in balance, so that you look attractive, well put together, and not surgically altered.
Contact Steve Harlan Surgery Center, Des Moines on phone (515)225-8180

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