Rosenthal Plastic Surgery Clinic, Fairfield

140 Sherman Street, Fairfield, Connetcticut 06824

Provides: Face Procedures, Body Procedures, Breast Procedures, Skin Care

Cosmetic Procedures are perhaps one of your finest investments. Why is this so?

Like a fine tuned watch our faces and bodies gradually unwind. Time does not stop all at once, but rather is a gradual alteration in how we look to ourselves and how others view us. Recently, a patient noted that her facelift was such a superb way to invest in her future. Her daily looks in the mirror were proof enough that investing in one’s health is the gift that keeps giving no matter how the economy sways with the wind. The experience not only lifted her appearance but buoyed her self confidence. What else could yield such an enormous return?

For Dr. Rosenthal Plastic Surgery is an art form that allows you to feel good about yourself by either restoring or rejuvenating a natural healthy appearance. Dr. Rosenthal uses art, science, creativity and imagination to sculpt and enhance faces, eyelids, noses, ears and to recontour figures. No two surgeries are ever the same, and each must be tailored to match your particular needs.  He takes great pride in his work and he wants you to be extremely pleased with your results; achieving a content family of patients is the result of carefully planning each step of your journey.

Dr. Rosenthal is hopeful that you will be moved by his art and that it will inspire you to feel the joy that comes from following your dreams.

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