Imperial Plastic Surgery Clinic, Westport

32 Imperial Avenue, Westport, Connecticut 06880

Provides: Body Contouring, Breast Reshaping, Facial Sculpting and Rejuvenation, Skin Enhancement

Imperial Plastic Surgery Clinic – Blame Mother Nature. Blame your parents. Blame it on bad luck. But, whatever you do, don’t blame yourself if you were born with something you’re unhappy with. You’re not alone

The good news is, today you can do something about it. Every year, more than two million people do. Calmly, rationally, they approach it just as you would any other physical problem you might have been born with, like crooked teeth, poor eyesight, or impaired hearing. It’s just as easy to be born with a nose that’s too big, a chin that’s too small, or breasts that never develop.

Plastic surgery can solve these problems, usually permanently. And if you do have a problem that really bothers you and makes you feel self-conscious, is there anything wrong with correcting it? Can you imagine a near sighted person refusing to get glasses because they’re “unnatural”? Have you ever heard someone boast that their crooked teeth give them “character”? Of course not.

In just the last decade, acceptance of, and interest in plastic surgery has more than doubled. By the end of this decade, it may become as popular as other commonly accepted, affordable medical solutions, like braces, eyeglasses, and hearing aids. Let’s face it, Mother Nature does make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with correcting them.

Choosing to have plastic surgery is an important decision, and so is selecting a plastic surgeon. Whether you’re considering cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance or reconstructive surgery to correct defects or improve function, you want a surgeon with the skill and training to help achieve your goals.

You’ve made the right choice with the Imperial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Joel Singer offer credentials you can put your trust in. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and holds membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and other national and regional societies. His areas of expertise are cosmetic surgery of the face and breast, and aesthetic surgery to improve the body’s contours. Dr. Singer specializes in minimally invasive techniques such as “the Weekend Facelift”, suspension techniques for Facial Rejuvenation, total sub-muscular Breast Augmentation, and minimal scar Liposuction Breast Reduction.

In addition, our courteous and friendly staff is always here to help you. Our patient counselor Erika, will guide you through the surgery process; she is here to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have. You will find our offices comfortable and completely private. Before and after photos are available to help you visualize possible results. She is also available to help you explore various payment options with one of several financing companies.

Reveal the beautiful self you are with the Imperial Plastic Surgery.

Contact Imperial Plastic Surgery Clinic from Westport, Connecticut on phone (203) 226-6351

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