Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic, Englewood

3600 So Logan St, Englewood, Colorado 80113

Provides: Surgical Facial Procedures, Non Surgical Facial Procedures, Reconstructive Facial Procedures

The face and especially the nose are key areas that determine one’s overall appearance and self image. Advances in Facial Plastic Surgery have given surgeons the ability to markedly improve ones facial appearance.Dr. Mario Imola, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, has the education and background to ensure long term favorable results in the most challenging of Facial Procedures.  His vast experience in reconstructing complex facial defects resulting from Birth Defects, Trauma and Cancer provides Dr. Imola with an unparalleled grasp of the complex head and neck anatomy which is the keystone of any successful surgery facial plastic surgery. In addition, Aesthetics By Design, an affiliated skin center, provides a complete line-up of individualized Non-Invasive Skin Care Services ranging from Botox and Injectable Fillers to Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial Treatments, and more. Dr. Imola and his staff go out of their way to make you feel at ease and confident that you will be extremely well cared for.  Furthermore they listen to what you want and try not to push or sell you into services that you are not convinced you need. At Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic, every attempt is made to address your individual needs.

Contact Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic, Englewood on phone (303)839-7980

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