Sheldon Kabaker Plastic Surgery Clinic, Oakland

3324 Webster Street, Oakland, California 94609

Provides: Hair Restoration, Face Procedures, Skin Care Treatments, Laser Services, Body Procedures

When others refer to their expertise, education, and certification, it is because of surgeons like Dr. Kabaker, board certified surgeon, who have been the teachers, lecturers and writers of the articles who have given knowledge and training to others. Having a level of book knowledge is important, but hands-on experience of many years of surgery should be of importance to the prospective patient.

Since starting his private practice in 1971, Dr. Kabaker has acquired extensive experience in Facial Plastic Surgical Procedures including Hair Restoration Surgery. He offers experience that few can match in the Procedures he performs.

Our office surgery center has been at this present location since 1977 and we have an extremely high safety record. It is surveyed every three years by an independent accrediting body, presently, the Institute for Medical Quality. What this means to you is that surgery can be performed safely under local anesthesia, conscious sedation (twilight sleep), or deep general anesthesia within our office.

Patient education, honest discussions, trust and comfortable environment for those seeking Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeryand are at the core of what we do. We welcome the opportunity to become your partner in achieving your goals for image enhancement.

Contact Sheldon Kabaker Plastic Surgery Clinic, Oakland (800)914-4247

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