Edward Miranda Plastic Surgery Clinic, San Francisco

77 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 302, San Francisco, California 94102

Provides: Face Procedures, Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

Dr. Edward Miranda welcomes you to discover the benefits of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Miranda, is committed to using his extensive training, experience and personal artistry to give you a natural beautiful result – he believes that gentle, natural results are nearly always more aesthetically pleasing than dramatic changes. In order to provide this he brings each patient personal attention and individualized care. Dr. Miranda listens to your concerns, discusses your options and conducts a physical examination. You can expect that digital pictures will be taken as appropriate. These pictures facilitate discussion with you as well as assist Dr. Miranda in planning for your Plastic Surgery Procedure. The risks and benefits of each procedure are discussed in detail with you so that you have a more complete understanding of each of the options that Dr. Miranda has presented to you.

Contact Edward Miranda Plastic Surgery Clinic, San Francisco on phone (415)379-9015 and see the results you have always wanted!

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