Chrysalis Plastic Surgery Clinic, Sacramento

3800 J Street, Suite 210, Sacramento, California 95816

Provides: Breast Procedures, Body Procedures, Face Procedures, Non Surgical Procedures

Dr. Charles Perry, considers it his mission to provide an exceptional quality of surgical care in a supportive, caring, and discreet environment.The procedures and techniques available at Chrysalis Plastic Surgery Clinic represent the best in Cosmetic Surgery – Dr. Perry is interested in advances in patient safety and techniques that can help Cosmetic Surgery fit into your life. When enhancing the appearance of the face Dr. Perry focuses primarily on mid-face restoration using soft tissue repositioning and volume enhancement. His approach for improving body aesthetics after weight loss and childbirth is similar to his approach for completing Facial Procedures. Often the body contour is refined through Liposuction, and in some cases the effect is augmented by the removal of any excess skin. Surgeries that are commonly performed at the same time include Upper Arm Surgery and Breast Surgery, Abdominoplasty and Breast Contouring, and Abdominoplasty. In order to provide a natural, long-lasting look, Dr. Perry offers saline and silicone Breast Augmentation. Non-Surgical Treatments including Botox, Restylane and Laser Skin Resurfacing are becoming increasingly popular at the practice. Every Procedure is customized to address the needs of the individual patient, ensuring a result that accentuates your natural beauty.

Contact Chrysalis Plastic Surgery Clinic, Sacramento on phone (916)248-4447

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