Camden Plastic Surgery Clinic, Beverly Hills

414 N Camden Dr # 800, Beverly Hills, California

Provides: Face Procedures, Body Procedures, Skin Care Treatments, Breast Procedures, Hair

Welcome to Camden Plastic Surgery Clinic, a world class cosmetic and dermatologic medical center.The gift of physical beauty has been admired and highly valued throughout the ages and in all cultures. Certainly the aesthetic presentation of our skin, hair, facial and bodily features greatly determine how the world views us. Not mere vanity, the care and improvement of our physical selves become keys to our success as well as to our personal well being.

Recognizing that the true foundation of aesthetic perfection is health. Caring for and improving our appearance is best accomplished by treatments that restore and enhance health while optimizing personal aesthetics. This requires a unique blending of science, nature and art, and a uniquely qualified professional who is both healer and artist. The physicians and professionals of the Camden Plastic Surgery Clinic have established a new benchmark in providing a special blend of science nature and art in the setting of a truly “full service” cosmetic and dermatologic medical center.

Ten specialist in various aspects of Cosmetic, Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology share backgrounds including many of the most prestigious training programs and private practices in the United States. Analogous to an all-star team the physicians are not only board certified and experienced, but are all noted experts in there particular area of focus.

Complemented by specialty trained nurses, support staff, and a fulltime Aesthetician, the Camden Plastic Surgery Clinic is uniquely enabled to fulfill the discriminating needs of a local and international clientele who are among the worlds most astute patrons.

Contact Camden Plastic Surgery Clinic, Beverly Hills on phone (310)859-1385

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